Tmt Test In Vivek Vihar, Delhi

Arun Imaging is an ideal destination for the people who are looking for TMT Test In Delhi. Treadmill Test (TMT) or cardiac stress test is a test that is performed to evaluate the hearts ability to respond to external stress in controlled environment. During the Treadmill Test Scan (TMT TEST), blood pressure cuff is tied and electrodes are applied to record the blood pressure and ECG while walking on the treadmill. We have best quality, user-friendly and modern equipment that is used for the purpose of TMT. The treadmill test is done under the supervision and presence of a Cardiologist.

We have a Cardiologist at our non-invasive cardiac lab/ TMT Test Centre, to perform the test to get accurate results, and for all safety of patient undergoing the test. Send enquiry or call now to know the Stress Test Cost.

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