Opg Test In Vivek Vihar, Delhi

Pioneers in OPG, we were the first centre in East Delhi to install OPG machine way back in 1993. Arun Imaging is the lab; you can reach for the OPG Test In Delhi. OPG test stands for Orthopantomogram, which is a dental x-ray that gives a clear picture of all the teeth in a single film for upper as well as lower jawline. The test is very much necessary for revealing the problem with the teeth and jawbones. OPG shows the total number of teeth in both jawlines, their position including those that have not yet erupted. It is different from a small x-ray dentist takes for an individual teeth. While going for the test, the doctor will ask you to remove any metal like eyeglasses, jewelry etc. to get the clear view.

You need to stay still when the technician takes out the image. A specialized machine is used for the OPG test/X-Ray and will rotate around the patient’s head while the patient remains still in standing position. We have user-friendly equipment at our Orthopantomogram Lab, which are based on the advanced technology and won’t let you down.

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