Follicular Scan In Vivek Vihar, Delhi

Follicular Scan helps to know when you are ovulating. The scan will begin around 9th day of your period cycle and continuous till ovulation occurs. Throughout these tests, the doctor will keep eyes on follicle development occurring in your ovaries to calculate the exact time when the eggs will be released. Intercourse during that period increases the chances of a couple get pregnant. To get done Follicular Scan In Vivek Vihar, reach Arun Imaging – the best Imaging Centre in Delhi.

Whether it’s a normal imaging test or Ultrasound Follicular Studies, we have experience and expertise both to serve you the best. We utilize the most advanced technologies for the Ultrasound Follicular Scan In Delhi that help us offer comfort and care both to the patients.

Book your appointment at our Follicular Scan Centre to get our services. We promise quick and accurate reports. For more details, give us a call now.

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