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3D/4D Sonography

We at Arun Imaging have a well-established 3D /4D Sonography scan centre in VivekVihar that is all set to offer you the 3D / 4D experience of getting the diagnostic pictures. The test gets performed by the experts, who have experience of the same.


Ultrasound is a procedure in which high-frequency waves get used that is harmless to the body and helps to get a diagnostic picture of inside the human body.

Fetal Echo Test

A Fetal Echo is a detailed scan of the heart of fetus in the womb of a mother, which helps us detect any heart faults.

Transvaginal Ultrasound

Transvaginal Ultrasound is an internal examination of the body through the vagina.

Digital X-RAY

X-RAY is basically an imaging test that helps the doctor get the view of the inside of your body.

Bone Densitometry Test (DEXA)

Bone Densitometry, also called Dual-Energy X-RAY Absorptiometry (DEXA Scan) is a type of X-RAY that is used for examining the bone loss.


ECHO Test, also called as diagnostic cardiac ultrasound is used to get a clear picture of heart’s chamber, walls, valves, blood vessels, to find out any heart disease.


To check the signs of heart diseases, ECG test gets recommended by the doctors.

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