Fetal Echo Test In Vivek Vihar, Delhi

One of the few centres across Delhi which provides Fetal Echo Test In Delhi, we have immense experience in the domain. A Fetal Echo is a detailed scan of the heart of fetus in the womb of a mother, which helps us detect any heart faults. The fetal echo test is very much compulsory if the parents were born with a heart defect or Mother has diabetes, as it may increase their risk of having a baby with the same problem.The duration of the scan is  not more than a half hour and, is usually done across the stomach.

We have a well-equipped Fetal Echocardiography Test Lab at Arun Imaging in Vivek Vihar that has all the necessary state of art equipment used for the purpose of testing. Additionally, we have a supportive team to deal with the patient in a friendly manner that further helps them feel comfortable. During the test, sounds waves produce the image offetal heart and, help the doctor to examine the heartbeat and blood pumping condition of fetal heart. The test makes it easier for the doctor to identify most of the heart abnormalities of fetus. The Fetal Echo Test Cost is very reasonable and the test gets performed at our own centre. You can book your appointment with us to avoid the queue.

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