Mammography In Vivek Vihar, Delhi

Mammography test is the medical procedure to examine the breast organ for screening or diagnosing any medical condition such as cancer in women. It requires no preparation but you should come without applying anything like Talc/ Perfumes on your organs. The tool, which is used to complete the diagnosis, is called as Mammogram. During the Mammography Test In Delhi at Arun Imaging, the female technicians will give you a gown and tell you to, take off any jewelry or clothes you are wearing, and then perform the test where each breast place on a X-Ray Plate and examined separately depending upon the need.

A compressor will then push the organ down, which flatten the tissues and provides a clear view of the breasts. It gives an early detection of the breast cancer. We have the latest Breast Mammograms at our centre to perform the test, which is of modern design and advanced technology. To know the actual Mammography Test Cost, be in touch with us.

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