Stress Echo Test In Vivek Vihar, Delhi

Arun Imaging is an imaging centre that renders the services of Stress ECHO Test In Delhi. Stress Echocardiography Testing is non-invasive and absolutely safe since performed under the supervision of Cardiologist at our non-invasive cardiac lab. It is basically the procedure that helps to determine how well your heart and blood vessels are working. In this test, the doctor will tell you to exercise on the treadmill while they monitor your blood pressure and ECG. At the time, when your heart reaches its peak, your doctor will take you for cardiac ultrasound (ECHO) to examine and record the heart functioningwhich tell us whether it is getting enough blood oxygen or not.

It’ll take up to an hour to complete the test and is very much reliable because of the use of the modern technologies. It’ll help you find any heart abnormalities timely and also determine whether your current cardiac rehabilitation plan is working for you or not. We perform the Stress Echocardiography Testing at our own Lab or Centre. You can call us to enquire more about the Stress ECHO Test Cost or to book your appointment with us now.

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