A pregnant woman has to undergo a lot of physical changes after conceiving the fetus in the womb. Sonography is the essential step that is recommended in all three trimesters, to monitor the health of the developing baby inside the mother’s womb. The gynecologist suggests a pregnant woman undergo the fetal echo test, which ensures the normal heartbeat of the baby. Arun Imaging is the radiology centre that is known for providing the quality Ultrasound in Delhi.

Ultrasound in Delhi

The fetal echo test done by the specialist helps your Gynaecologist to see the structure and function of your unborn child’s heart. This is the test, which allows your doctors to see any heart defects, which can reduce the lifetime risk of the baby. We recognize the need for high-quality diagnostics to nip developing health problem in the unborn child in the bud.

Fetal Echo Test in Delhi

If you are pregnant and your Gynaecologist has recommended you Fetal Echo Test in Delhi then we are the right and affordable choice. One in hundred babies are born with the heart defects, this is due to the mother either was not recommended the ultrasound test or the because of the high charges associated with the test, the patient stays back. Remember, it is very essential to monitor the health condition of your unborn child’s heart. Call us now, to do some chit-chat with our expert, and get ready to enjoy this unforgettable moment of hearing your unborn child’s heartbeat.

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