ECHO test is short for echocardiogram that can be explained as the imaging test done to outline the various moments of heart and its chambers, walls, etc. The sonographer evaluates the pumping action of the heart so as to find any irregularities. If you have been asked by your doctor to get an ECHO Test, then Arun Imaging is the best Imaging Centre In Delhi that has best services under reasonable rates to offer.


People usually ask some questions regarding the ECHO test and we have made a list of some commonly asked questions along with their answers.

FAQ1 - Can I Eat Or Drink On The Day Of The Test?

ANS – You can eat and drink according to your normal schedule on the day of ECHO Test too.

FAQ2 – Should I Have The Medicines Prescribed To Me On The Day Of Test Or Not?

ANS – You can discuss it regarding your doctor, but in general and most of the cases, you are allowed to have your medicines like regular.

FAQ 3 –Will The Procedure Make Me Uncomfortable?

ANS - No, there is nothing in the test to be uncomfortable about. A gel will be applied on your chest that will make your skin feel cool and then the pressure will be applied through transducer on the chest.

These were some questions that are majorly asked by people. If your doubts are clear, you can book your appointment with us for getting the ECHO Test In Delhi. Our staff members are highly dedicated and will assist you throughout the test processes. You can call us to know more about our services.

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